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C Pgm - General Questions

C Programming Interview Questions

General Questions I

C Program - General Questions

  • Is const volatile possible ?
  • Where a const volatile variable is used?
  • Write a macro to swap the nibbles in the word ?
    Ex:0x5678 output:6587
  • Diff types of storage classes and details of each storage class
  • Detailed discussion on Static like storage, default, scope, life time.
  • which pointer value we can modify.
  • Explane
    const volatile int *ptr;
    *const volatile int ptr;
  • What is the difference between inline and macro?
  • Write program to reset bit in register if address of register is given reset (int address, int bit)
  • How to know size of memory allocated by malloc using pointer?
  • How do you implement malloc ?
  • Explain cinit and bss section
  • Declare an array of 10 integer pointers
  • Volatile variable in-depth (definition, use case, impact, when to avoid, etc)
  • Where does dynamic memory allocation get stored?
  • Write a program to implement memcopy.
  • Optimize it such that it uses NO stack space at all
  • What are the pros and cons of using dynamic memory allocation versus static memory allocation?
  • If you had to allocate 1MB of memory that needs to be used for only a short time, which type of allocation would you use?
  • structure padding
  • about #pragma
  • What are bit field ?
  • How to avoid re declaration of header files
  • Bit operations
  • C program for factorial, prime number with recursion
  • What memcopy do? implement your own memcopy function?with optimization(less usage of variables?)
  • Where do const variables get stored? (literal segment)
  • Static, auto, etc
  • Why does the compiler perform padding?
  • toggle alternate bits
  • memcpy implementation
  • Find a word from string
  • How to find if their is in repeating node in linked list
  • For a given array gather all 1's to one side and 0's to one side.
  • In a given byte interchage pair of bits
  • Reverse linked list
  • Reverse string
  • Reverse a word in a string
  • Declare a array of function pointer of taking two arguments
  • How to find little endian and big endian
  • About dynamic and static memory
  • about function pointers
  • Advantages of func pointers
  • Advantages of call back functions.
  • What Null pointer
  • In a big array consists of 1's & 0's ,write an efficient programe to keep all 1's to right side and 0's to other side?
  • how can you determine whether your memory is in protected or un-protected mode

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