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C Pgm - General Questions

C Programming Interview Questions

General Questions V

C Program - General Questions

  • Write a program to count blanks, tabs and newlines
  • Write a program to copy its input to its output, replacing each string of one or more blanks by a single blank.
  • Write a program that prints its input one word per line
  • Write a program to print a histogram of the frequencies of different characters in its input
  • Write a program to remove trailing blanks and tabs from each line of input, and to delete entirely blank lines
  • What is the use of getc, putc, gets, puts, getchar , putchar, getch
  • Differentiate atoi(), atof()
  • What is the use of strtol() function.?
  • Explain typedef keyword.
  • What is storage class? List all storage class in c program.
  • Write a c program to print the list of maximum repeating number from an array?
  • Can we execute c program without main() ?
  • Write a c program to check biggest among two numbers without using any relational operators.
  • Write a recursive function?
  • Write a c program to toggle certain bits in a integer
  • Write a c program to merge two linked list
  • Write a c program to find set bits in an integer
  • Write a c program to convert in words from the given number.(Ex: 952- in word- nine hundred fifty two)
  • How would implement virtual function in c program?
  • What are the possible coredumps? What do you do if your program does a core dumps?
  • Write a code to find out if the system is x86 architecture of sparc
  • How much memory can malloc and calloc allocate?
  • What is the difference between array of pointer and pointer to array?
  • Write a c program to convert little endian to big endian. Implement htons? Also convert using union?
  • Write c program to implement printf()?
  • How volatile is implemented by compiler?
  • From the given variable, how can you find whether it was allocated from stack or heap memory?

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