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C Pgm - General Questions

C Programming Interview Questions

General Questions VI

C Program - General Questions

  • Write a c program to display * for each letter of password you type in command line
  • Differentiate constant char pointer and constant pointer to char
  • Write a program to remove space when they occur more than one time consecutively in string
  • Write c program to implement Malloc and calloc
  • How can we avoid the stack overflow?
  • Write a c program to perform multiplication of two bytes without * operator, using shift operations.
  • What happened when BSS is mapped to address 0?
  • What is difference between structure and union. ? What is Structure Padding?
  • How to allocate memory for string of unknown/arbitrary length during execution?
  • What does malloc(0) means by?
  • Write a c program to generate random number without using any build in function?
  • Can we crash a process before entering into main()?
  • Sizeof(void)?
  • Define static, virtual destructor?
  • Why auto variable not stored in heap?
  • How can you lock a portion of file and how to use it?
  • How free() knows how much memory it hast to deallocate?
  • What is wild pointer and dangling pointer?
  • Difference between strdup and strcpy?
  • Explain: 1. huge pointer 2. Near pointer 3. Generic pointer 4.far pointer.
  • What is normalized pointer, how do we normalize a pointer?
  • What is the use of void pointer? When would you use it?
  • Difference between linker and linkage?
  • Are the variable argc and argv are always local to main?
  • Can main() be called recursively?
  • Can #include handle other file formats than .h?
  • Can the size of an array be declared at runtime?
  • What happens if you free a pointer twice?
  • What are the standard predefined macros?
  • What is a stream? How many types of streams are in C?
  • Why does PASCAL matter? Is there any benefit to using PASCAL functions?

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