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LDD Boot Process

Linux Device Driver - Interview Questions

LDD - Linux Boot Process

Linux Boot Sequence Interview Questions
  • Explain about the Linux boot sequence in case of ARM architecture?
  • How are the command line arguments passed to Linux kernel by the u-boot (bootloader)?
  • Explain about ATAGS?
  • Explain about command line arguments that are passed to linux kernel and how/where they are parsed in kernel code?
  • Explain about device tree.
  • Explain device tree concepts in linux.
  • which process / directory is responsible for the kernel is decompresed during boot up ?
  • Diff b/w MLO & IPL.
  • What is greb loader
  • Embedded board Booting sequence
  • Booting Sequence of a board ?
  • How a user mode is transferred to kernel mode?
  • Why primary boot loader and secondary boot loader required?
  • What are types of boot loader?
  • How to decrease the time of booting processes

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