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LDD - Process Scheduler

Linux Device Driver - Interview Questions

LDD - Process Scheduler

Linux Process Scheduler Interview Questions

  • How does scheduler picks particular task?
  • When does scheduler picks a task?
  • How is timeout managed?
  • How does load balancing happens?
  • Explain about any scheduler class?
  • Explain about wait queues and how they implemented? Where and how are they used?
  • What is process kernel stack and process user stack? What is the size of each and how are they allocated?
  • Why do we need seperate kernel stack for each process?
  • What all happens during context switch?
  • What is thread_info? Why is it stored at the end of kernel stack?
  • What is the use of preempt_count variable?
  • What is the difference between interruptible and uninterruptible task states?
  • How processes and threads are created? (from user level till kernel level)
  • How is virtual run time (vruntime) calculated?
  • Different types of schedulers (round robin, pre-emptive)
  • what is scheduler algoritham?
  • what is scheduler?
  • Can a scheduler can be locked?
  • who schedules the scheduler?
  • At what frequency scheduler looks for threads/processes ready for schedule?

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