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LDD - I2C Driver

Linux Device Driver - Interview Questions

LDD - I2C Driver

Linux I2C Driver Interview Questions

  • What is the difference between I2C & SPI
  • How will you chosse which protocal to be used on board communication
  • How the communication difference b/w I2C & SPI
  • Is clock stretching is for Master or Slave in I2C protocol
  • What is Bit Binding in I2C protocol
  • What is i2c clock stretching
  • what is repeate sequence in I2C? How this signal will look on CRO?
  • How will you know if the I2C lines are noisy?
  • What monitoring tools have you used like I2C sniffer
  • how will you verify I2C communication?How will you know if there was a software or hw problem?
  • what is i2c bus error
  • I2C- dummy write, repeated start, arbitration, synchronization between masters
  • Lm475 temperature driver project
  • How can two slaves can communicate with master in i2c protocol at a time?
  • How can we address different devices from same vendor i2c?
  • What is the clock frequency used in your I2C driver designed?
  • What is the start bit condition in I2C?
  • How I2C protocol works?
  • What are different speeds the I2C had?
  • How the master knows what is the start condition ?
  • while in between I2C communication what happens if clocks happens to be dragged low which is not as per i2c standard?
  • What if the slave device is not responding or no acknowledge bit is sent by slave device?
  • I2C : what is I2C Clock Stretch, Bus line clear.

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