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LDD - Debugging

Linux Device Driver - Interview Questions

LDD - Debugging

Linux Debugging Interview Questions

  • Debugging techniques. ?
  • What is Oops and kernel panic?
  • Does all Oops result in kernel panic?
  • What are the tools that you have used for debugging the Linux kernel?
  • What are the log levels in printk?
  • Can printk's be used in interrupt context?
  • How to print a stack trace from a particular function?
  • What's the use of early_printk( )?
  • Explan about the various gdb commands.
  • How to debug crash. Gdb
  • How debug prints/system trace could help solve above issues
  • How to debug while system is running
  • Have you worked in crash dump? How will you solve memory crash, what steps would you take if a crash occurs?
  • how to debug your driver if u had any buffer issues
  • Kernel crash dump analysis
  • Have analyzed kernel panic code dump(what all data it dumps and what do you understand from it)
  • How to debug crash, what is the first line you see when you see a crash/oops message, explain crash console
  • How do u debug when an process aborted.
  • have u debug any issues using jtag/ any other debugger. if yes, how can we get the call stack in the debugger.

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