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LDD - Linux Process Mgt

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LDD - Linux Process Management

Linux Process Management Interview Questions

  • given a pid, how will you distinguish if it is a process or a thread ?
  • What is the difference between kill-6 and kill -9?
  • Differentiate between threads and processes
  • how a function from one user process can be called in other user process?
  • Cache coherency mechanism.
  • How to find a child process in linux/unix.?
  • context switch.. when do u need it.
  • What are the different schedulers class present in the linux kernel?
  • How to create a new process?
  • What is the difference between fork( ) and vfork( )?
  • Which is the first task what is spawned in linux kernel?
  • What are the processes with PID 0 and PID 1?
  • How to extract task_struct of a particular process if the stack pointer is given?
  • What is process kernel stack and process user stack? What is the size of each and how are they allocated?
  • Why do we need seperate kernel stack for each process?
  • What all happens during context switch?
  • What is thread_info? Why is it stored at the end of kernel stack?
  • What is the use of preempt_count variable?
  • What is the difference between interruptible and uninterruptible task states?
  • How processes and threads are created? (from user level till kernel level)
  • How to proceed if system is sluggish
  • How system call causes change from user to kernel space
  • How to determine if some high prio task is hogging CPU
  • Priority inversion, priority inheritance, priority ceiling
  • How priority inheritance will work
  • What is Process preemption
  • About priority inversion & priority inheritance
  • Process Memory Layout
  • Explain about process address space with data seg,code seg..
  • how much memory is occupied by process address spcae.
  • When a same executable is excuted in two terminals like terminal 1 execute ./a.out and terminal 2 executed ./a.out what will the programe address space look like on RAM
  • If a global variable defined as int V1=100 in programm_1 and modified this V1=200 in programme_2. what will be printed in Programme_1 and Programme_2.
  • what is diff b/w process and threads?
  • Will threads have their own stack space?
  • can one thread access the address space of another thread?
  • What is task_struct and how are task states maintained ?

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