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LDD - Compiler

Linux Device Driver - Interview Questions

LDD - Compiler

Linux Compiler Interview Questions

  • About linker scripts
  • What is compiler
  • Compiler stages , explane
  • What is relocatable file and Executable file
  • What is the use of relocatable file use
  • Excutable file formats ?
  • Shared libraries and how to create ?
  • Static compilation and Dynamic compilation differences
  • How to reduce the size of executable file ?
  • How are the compiler optimization techniques?
  • What are Static and Shared libraries ?
  • What is dynamic linking ? What is static linking ?
  • What are the advantages of Dynamic linking or Shared libraries ?
  • Does gcc search for both static and shared libraries ? Which is searched initially by gcc compiler ?
  • What should be done for Shared library based linking in gcc ?

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